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  • Our playoff surprises, disappointments
    November 21, 2019
    For each region, we picked one team that will surprise, one that will disappoint, and one that will make it through to the national semifinals. The lack of consensus just goes to show you how exciting the 2019 postseason is going to be. Read on to find out what us “experts” predict, and chime in with your own predictions in the comments.
  • Cortaca Jug ready for the big stage
    November 14, 2019
    Some of the best rivalries in Division III have put up huge attendance numbers of late, with games in the teens of thousands, 20,000, even 37,000. But on Saturday, the Cortaca Jug rivalry between Cortland and Ithaca goes huge. Adam Turer has more.
  • Back to playing Hanover football
    November 07, 2019
    "When I was at Hanover and we were winning conference championships, we had a swagger and a pride in Hanover football that needed to be rebuilt. We’ve tried to recreate that identity." That's how former player and current head coach Matt Theobald describes the state of the Panthers program.
  • Wolverines finding a way
    October 30, 2019
    A team that struggled to win the close ones last year has won a whole host of close ones in 2019. Wesley might look a little different than it did under Mike Drass, but the W's are coming.
  • Why isn't my team ranked?
    October 24, 2019
    Adam Turer fields that question and more from readers in this week's edition of Around the Nation. What are the best determining factors for the playoffs, how can my team get into the top four, and more.
  • Chapman at home at top of SCIAC
    October 17, 2019
    In nine seasons, Chapman has lost just nine home games. The energy at Wilson Field this season, especially, has been fantastic, especially in wins vs. Whitworth and Redlands. Adam Turer has more in Around the Nation.
  • Getting the monkey off their backs
    October 10, 2019
    One win doesn’t make an entire season. But man, it feels good to win the game circled on everyone's calendars, doesn't it? Hope, Texas Lutheran and Mount St. Joseph have all done that in big conference games this season, and Adam Turer has more.
  • Re-ranking the conferences for 2019
    October 03, 2019
    Non-conference play for the 2019 regular season is all but complete, so it's time for Adam Turer to revisit how the conferences should be ranked.
  • After the streaks
    September 25, 2019
    Not far removed from a three-season-plus losing streak, Grove City had a nice little win streak going. So with William Paterson and Crown having put their large losing streak away, perhaps they can do the same. Adam Turer has more in Around the Nation.
  • Going cross-country
    September 18, 2019
    Two top teams in the Northwest Conference traveled more than 11,000 miles for Saturday's games. One returned victorious in its season debut. One spent a long flight thinking about what might have been. But both had experiences beyond football. Adam Turer has more in Around the Nation.
  • Off to a great start
    September 12, 2019
    Centre's offense had a great performance in the Colonels' season-opening win vs. Hanover. But that won't be enough to keep Centre's offensive coordinator from losing sleep for a while. Adam Turer has more in Around the Nation.
  • Hitting the ground running
    September 05, 2019
    Adam Turer is back for another season of the Around the Nation column. Here's his welcome to the 2019 season, and what you can expect from his column in the 2019 season.
  • 2018 Year in Review
    December 20, 2018
    This was a season full of gratitude, Adam Turer writes. Whether at an elementary school in August or on the way to the airport after the Stagg Bowl, there were constant reminders as to why we at give up all of our free time every season to pursue Division III football.
  • Playoff picks, surprises and disappointments
    November 15, 2018
    Who will make it through to the semifinals? Who will be the disappointments and surprises in each bracket? Our panel makes its picks for the postseason in this week's edition of Around the Nation.
  • Read & React: Playoff primer
    November 11, 2018
    We predicted this year's field of 32 back in Kickoff before a down of the 2018 season was played. With only a few hours until the field is officially released, how did we do? Plus, power rankings of the 32 expected playoff participants.
  • Bigger battles to fight
    November 08, 2018
    Current St. Thomas players have never needed a Week 11 playoff win to secure a playoff bid, but if they need inspiration for fighting a tough opponent, they need look no further than Rachael Caruso. Coach Glenn Caruso's wife has been battling cancer for almost a year.
  • Read & React: All the marbles
    November 04, 2018
    There are seven games in the Week 11 slate that have a playoff berth directly on the line. The high stakes only heighten the anticipation for these already exciting rivalry games.
  • Wabash fighting through
    November 01, 2018
    Tragedy struck the Wabash College campus community and the football team when Evan Hansen died by suicide back in September. But this past week, they had reason to celebrate and feel actual joy for the first time in a while.
  • Read & React: Votes and polls
    October 28, 2018
    What does the Top 25 mean to you? What does it mean to coaches, players, alumni, and universities? Here's how one voter approaches his ballot each week. And remember, voting is important!
  • It's a thankless job, but these folks do it
    October 25, 2018
    In Division III, we know that players play for the love of the game. Coaches coach for the love of the game. Another group that participates for the love of the game is often overlooked.
  • Read & React: Best friends
    October 21, 2018
    Mike Leonard has cultivated a culture at Franklin that makes coming to work every day fun for both players and coaches. Friendships translate to victories, and no coach in Grizzlies history has more than Leonard.
  • Wash U, Eureka making a good first impression
    October 18, 2018
    Both Eureka and Washington U. have exceeded any modest expectations and are in positions to claim conference titles in their first season in the NACC and CCIW. Adam Turer has more in Around the Nation.
  • Read & React: No place like home
    October 14, 2018
    The road can be fun and exciting, but it does not compare to playing at home. UW-Oshkosh finally played at Titans Stadium, and re-energized its season. Meanwhile, Muhlenberg hit the road in a battle of playoff preparation.
  • Toughest job in D-III: Following the legend
    October 11, 2018
    Brant McAdams is not a Westering. He's not a Frosty Westering disciple. He's not an alumnus of Pacific Lutheran. But he's taken over one of the Division III programs most identified with its traditions, and so far, the Lutes, and their alumni, have responded. Adam Turer has more in Around the Nation.
  • Read & React: Avoiding the trap
    October 07, 2018
    There were a pair of prototypical trap games played yesterday, but the favorites prevailed to set the stage for Week 7 showdowns. Read how they avoid getting tripped up, plus a remembrance of the great John Gagliardi.
  • Re-ranking the conferences for 2018
    October 04, 2018
    With non-conference games essentially over and done with, there's plenty to dig through. Which conferences helped themselves and moved up's conference rankings? Check out Adam Turer's take in Around the Nation.
  • Read & React: New teams at the top
    September 30, 2018
    Three perennial conference champions who rarely lose a conference game each dropped their 2018 conference opener. That opened the door for their challengers to enter October atop the conference standings. The races are just beginning.
  • A touchdown worth more than six points
    September 27, 2018
    Being a teenager, of whatever race, gender or orientation, is just plain difficult. When you throw in having to deny who you are, it gets even more so. When Wyatt Pertuset became the first openly gay college football player to score a TD, it brought a lot of notice, and stories from those who went before him. More in Around the Nation.
  • Read & React: Streaking into history
    September 23, 2018
    Misericordia had never won more than one game in a season. In the program's seventh year, the Cougars finally strung together their first winning streak. What changes did Mark Ross make in the offseason and how have they led to unprecedented success?
  • Calling your alma mater home
    September 20, 2018
    Division III is home to many coaches who have made a life out of coaching at the same school they played at. Some of those coaches graduated, coached elsewhere and came home as head coach, while some never left. Adam Turer talks to a handful of young coaches who arrived as teenagers and are now young head coaches in this edition of Around the Nation.
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