It was 20 years ago today ... photo montage, 20

By Pat Coleman

Twenty years of Division III football coverage has seen a lot of changes, a lot of progress. Instead of 16 playoff spots for 227 teams we have 32 for nearly 250. We have automatic bids, games on live video, real-time scores and much more. And even though three schools gave up Division III this past offseason, it can still be said with some confidence that Division III football is strong, perhaps stronger than ever.

Year No. 21 opens with looking for another set of hands to help produce the site. All through the past two decades, and slightly longer on, we have been able to keep our mostly volunteer team staffed thanks to people approaching us and us finding ways for them to contribute. We can always use writers and editors (yes, we still believe in editing), people with graphics expertise, folks who are willing to collect scores and schedules and perhaps do some data entry. The task of keeping, and our other sites operating is not always elegant or flashy. It's a lot of hard work.

This hard work has been rewarded by millions of readers per year making us see that our hard work is appreciated. In fact, your response, the fans’ response, to was overwhelming, from the opening days. It passed in traffic and popularity and really drives the whole network. Thanks for being a part of it and choosing to follow NCAA Division III football with us. It’s been a very rewarding two decades, getting to go across the country and see great football games, meet people, find good stories and bring them back to you. You can read a little more of the background and the lead-up to the launch of in our 10th-anniversary piece.

It takes a village to make these sites happen; it is no longer a one-person or two-person effort. To continue this work, we will continue to count on your support. 

Thank you!